Woman “Card”

While the rules of a man can barely fit on a large Man Card tucked away in your leather wallet, a woman’s rules of faking and trickery extends far beyond the scope of this blog, not to mention the expertise necessary for such an endeavor for I don’t have the prerequisite to make good observations …I am a man.

I can say that a Man Card would only fit the woman’s sub section covering fingernail care and proper nail/outfit coordination for it would take a large voluminous book or thumb drive on .pdf (for they make ’em to handle 5 gigabytes which should cover the material), to cover all the schemes that have befallen our beloved opposite gender from being themselves.  High heels, wearing tight pants pared with an over sized sweatshirt to cover the ass are the initial atrocities that comes to mind but that is but the speck of sand in the vast feminist beach that some other audacious author would need to undertake.  Blessings be to you lady!

Man Cardville

On a macro level, our cities are becoming cookie cutter corporate cash cows of homogenized places where Starbucks and Wal-Mart take away a city’s identity.  Cheap food and redundant drinks will perpetuate a poor culture instead of a culturally enriched one.  This phenomenon progresses to the micro level as men bow to peer pressure and blindly use the same things, food, clothes, etc.  The rub comes when a man is measured by their usage or lack thereof of what a man “should” be and how they “should” act and the trap is set but you can think for yourself and the Man Card lie is exposed!

You are a man, a man that follows your own moral code regardless of what the Man Card bot next to you tries to get you to wear, eat, or enjoy.  You see that nice pink 100% cotton Polo on sale, get it.  Wear it as a man for if you wear it without confidence, the Man Card Enforcers will be ready to site a major code violation but with the substance added to your style, that confident look will show the Man Card PD the truth, and the truth will set your wardrobe and accessories free.

Are YOU a Code Enforcer Without Realizing It?

This is a safe place where men can be men… your OWN man. We’ve become a nation of volunteers for code enforcement gone bad:  An army of judgemental code enforcement men that decides who gets a Man Card and who’s Man Card gets “revoked.”

The examples will never end but let’s start with Hooters.  It’s offensive to women to look at them like objects to be possessed instead of being loved.  Does that make me a wimp and invite ridicule that I refuse to eat at Hooters?

I too am a recovering Man Card Code Enforcer.  I used to snicker at men who wore Crocs until I put a pair on.  I’ve worn them ever sense …even with camouflaged pants… and I love it.  It makes me happy and I had an epipiphy.  I realized I was brainwashed with institutional manliness (not trademarked yet, free to use) where I made fun of other men without thinking WHY.  I heard Crocs were for girls and never thought for myself.  I’m a free man and you can be free too.