Woman “Card”

While the rules of a man can barely fit on a large Man Card tucked away in your leather wallet, a woman’s rules of faking and trickery extends far beyond the scope of this blog, not to mention the expertise necessary for such an endeavor for I don’t have the prerequisite to make good observations …I am a man.

I can say that a Man Card would only fit the woman’s sub section covering fingernail care and proper nail/outfit coordination for it would take a large voluminous book or thumb drive on .pdf (for they make ’em to handle 5 gigabytes which should cover the material), to cover all the schemes that have befallen our beloved opposite gender from being themselves.  High heels, wearing tight pants pared with an over sized sweatshirt to cover the ass are the initial atrocities that comes to mind but that is but the speck of sand in the vast feminist beach that some other audacious author would need to undertake.  Blessings be to you lady!

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