Man Cardville

On a macro level, our cities are becoming cookie cutter corporate cash cows of homogenized places where Starbucks and Wal-Mart take away a city’s identity.  Cheap food and redundant drinks will perpetuate a poor culture instead of a culturally enriched one.  This phenomenon progresses to the micro level as men bow to peer pressure and blindly use the same things, food, clothes, etc.  The rub comes when a man is measured by their usage or lack thereof of what a man “should” be and how they “should” act and the trap is set but you can think for yourself and the Man Card lie is exposed!

You are a man, a man that follows your own moral code regardless of what the Man Card bot next to you tries to get you to wear, eat, or enjoy.  You see that nice pink 100% cotton Polo on sale, get it.  Wear it as a man for if you wear it without confidence, the Man Card Enforcers will be ready to site a major code violation but with the substance added to your style, that confident look will show the Man Card PD the truth, and the truth will set your wardrobe and accessories free.

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